(FULL VERSION) Denzel Washington Receives Cecil B. DeMille Award 2016 Golden Globes | With Montage


- (FULL VERSION) Denzel Washington Winner of Cecil B. DeMille Award - 2016 Golden Globes | Video Montage & Speech -
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Here is the Full HD Version of the Denzel Washington receiving his Cecel B. DeMille Aware at the 73 Annual Golden Globe Awards 2016. This full version has the full introduction by Tom Hanks on behalf of Washington, the full Montage Video, and also Denzel Washington's acceptance speech with his family.

Congratulations again to this historic actor Denzel Washington! The Legend!

Quotes from Acceptance Speech - "Ya I do need my glasses." - Denzel Washington 👓 You did great without them, Denzel! #GoldenGlobes